Canada’s Border Spans 5,525 Miles

We Cross It Seamlessly Every Day

Estes border-crossing experts help pave the way for an efficient and fluid border-crossing. One way we do this is through our PARS and PAPS pre-clearance to head off potential customs delays and keep your freight moving. What’s more, dedicated Canada-based Estes account teams provide boots-on-the-ground service to customers and consignees, including bilingual service when needed. The chart below lists the documentation required for Northbound and Southbound freight border-crossing.

Forms North
Bill of Lading (BOL) The contract between shipper and carrier; include PRO and barcode (if possible) and customs broker’s contact information
Canada Customs Invoice (CCI) (required for CAN $2,500
or more)
  • For NB shipments going to Canada
  • Accompanies shipment from pickup to Customs clearance
  • May be used for any NB freight regardless of value, but required for CAN$2,500 or more
  • Commercial Invoice (if less than CAN $2,500) The document identifying the buyer and seller of the
    goods, including all relevant shipping information
    Certificate of Origin (CTO)
    or NAFTA CTO
    Used by the customs broker to determine duty rates; A NAFTA version is required if you’re claiming NAFTA status